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Scope of domestic trade air transportation

  ■ Within the scope of domestic trade air transportation, domestic trade air transportation handles domestic bookings, home delivery, insurance, direct or transfer to any domestic airport, delivery to the door, single large and heavy cargo, full tracking, information Feedback to provide customers with fast, safe and efficient services.

  ■ Operation procedure of domestic air transportation 1. Order acceptance

  Consignor's purpose, cargo name, gross weight and volume, inform the freight forwarder of the time of shipment or the approximate time of delivery, so as to match the flight that meets the requirements, and send the freight forwarder's power of attorney.

   2. Booking

  According to the power of attorney, the freight forwarder booked a space to the airline; after confirming the space, the principal was informed of the delivery time and flight information; the airline handed over the goods and issued an air waybill.

  3. Settlement fee

  The client will settle the fee according to the transaction price with the freight forwarder in advance.

   4. Cargo information tracking

  Inform the client of the estimated flight landing time. If cargo insurance has been handled, check whether the outer packaging of the cargo is intact.

  ■ Precautions for domestic air transportation 1. The consignor must ensure that the goods or substances delivered are prohibited goods not for air transportation.

   2. If the outer packaging of the goods is damaged, it is recommended to unpack and check on the spot, and require the airline to issue a certificate of damaged outer packaging.

  3. The packaging is prepared by the client, such as shipping fragile items, such as plastic, glass products, etc., please add filler...

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