Cultural artwork exported to Italy

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   The customer is a Beijing-based culture and art company. After communication, I learned that the customer had a batch of oil paintings to be shipped to Italy for exhibition in October, and then shipped back to China after the exhibition. Since the customer has just begun to expand international business and does not understand the logistics and transportation links, our sales staff gave detailed and professional answers, formulated logistics solutions, handled the ATA document book, and finally helped customers complete the round-trip cargo transportation.



1. Business Information

   1. Departure airport: Beijing

   2. Destination airport: Florence

   3. Name of goods: oil paintings, sculptures and other artworks

   4. Quantity: 5 squares, volume weight 835 kg, actual weight 700 kg

   5. Customs declaration method: use ATA document book to declare

   6. Value: RMB 100,000

   7. Departure time: September 20

   8. Exhibition time: October 6

 Second, customer needs

   1. This kind of cultural artwork requires the approval of the Cultural Affairs Bureau for export. The client is not clear how to handle the approval, so we entrust our company to handle it.

   2. The goods have a total of 18 works of art. When applying for approval, you need to provide the information of each work, the author's profile and other materials. The data sorting work is cumbersome and complicated. The customer requires our company to assist in sorting.

   3. After the exhibition, the goods will be shipped back to China again, which is a temporary import and export. The customer entrusts our company to handle the ATA document book.

   4. Agency approval

  Cultural arts exporters have rich experience, and suppliers who have fixed cooperation agencies to apply for approvals will assist customers to complete the application for approvals after signing the approval agency agreement. 7 working days after submitting the application for approval.

   Scanned approval:

   5. Agency ATA document book

  According to the requirements of the CCPIT, sort out the list of goods, specify the creation period, material, value, weight and size of each work, and obtain the ATA document book after 3 working days.

   Screenshot of the document list:

   6. Overseas service

  After the goods arrive in Italy, our overseas agent assists customers to clear customs, pick up the goods, and transport the goods to the exhibition site. After the exhibition, the goods will be shipped to China by air.

  7. Cargo care sheet

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