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Shipping export process

  The company under the brand of "Huali Shunxin International Freight" for marine export is a first-class international freight forwarding enterprise approved by the Ministry of Commerce, and is also a non-vessel carrier approved by the Ministry of Communications to have the qualification for operating non-vessel shipping business. Main shipping container shipping, LCL cargo, shipping bulk cargo transportation and other marine export services. Huali Shunxin International Freight is COSCO, MAERSK, CHINA SHIPPING, MSC, CMA, HANJIN, OOCL, HYUNDAI, K-LINE and other ship booking agents have a comprehensive service network at home and abroad, can provide customers with procurement, booking, customs clearance, transit, One-stop logistics services including warehousing, freight insurance, agency certificates, agency inspection/quarantine, etc.

  ■ Scope of maritime export business maritime export is in accordance with the client's entrustment, handling all the business before and after the export of the goods; reviewing the various lists and approvals provided by the customer; refining various documents; booking, customs declaration; handling certificate of origin, insurance policy and commodity inspection ; Container leasing and packing; domestic transportation, port entry, shipping; issuing bills of lading, settlement of transportation charges, express mail domestic and foreign documents; handling import customs declaration, tax payment, unpacking/transshipment, delivery of goods abroad; handling at Foreign agency business.

  ■ Shipping export operation process 1. Order acceptance

  After accepting the client's power of attorney, review the content of the power of attorney and confirm the power of attorney.

   2. Booking

  Renew the power of attorney to the shipping company and obtain the shipping company's allocation receipt.

   3. Make the box

  The fleet obtains the equipment handover order, and picks up the container at the yard and loads it at the customer's factory. Or the customer directly sends the goods to the designated yard or warehouse.

   4. Customs declaration

  After preparing the complete customs declaration documents, the export customs declaration will be started, and the customs will pass the inspection and release.

  5. B/L confirmation

  Bill the bill of lading based on the power of attorney and confirm the bill of lading with the customer to ensure the authenticity and accuracy of the contents of the bill of lading.

   6. Pay

  Confirm the fee bill with the customer and charge the relevant fee.

   7. Signing the order

  According to customer requirements, issue bills of lading and mail customers.

   8. Return customs declaration

  One month after the export declaration, the customs declaration form will be returned to the customer for tax refund verification.

   9, destination port exchange bill of lading

  After the goods arrive at the destination port, the shipping company informs the consignee to exchange the bill of lading.

  10. Customs delivery

  After completing the complete customs declaration documents, the import declaration will be started, and the customs will pick up the goods after review and release.

  ■ Precautions for shipping export operations 1. The Chinese product name displayed on the customs declaration form must be checked for compliance with the customs commodity code, and the necessary customs declaration documents should be processed and provided according to the regulatory conditions.

   2. All customs declaration documents must ensure that the information sheets are consistent.

   3. The customs may inspect the declared goods to determine whether the conditions of the goods are consistent with the information declared on the customs declaration form.

   4. During the peak shipping season, ships are easily overloaded, and declaration procedures should be completed in advance to prevent being dumped by shipping companies.

   5. Issuing the original bill of lading must ensure that each original bill of lading has a signature.

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