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Peace Friendship FreightOf international logistics operations includeOcean importInternational shipping agency, the main business source is the goods buyer signs FOB/FCA/EXW/DAF and other forms of trade contracts, the international segment transportation costs are paid by the buyer. Our company will use its excellent overseas transportation network to transport goods from abroad to various domestic ports. The main services of ocean imports: international import transportation agency services, pick-up and packaging services, box replacement services, packing services, fumigation services, warehousing and other services, etc.

Service products: overseas factory pickup, ocean import booking, ocean import cargo assembly, ocean import cargo security inspection, ocean frame box booking, ocean open top box booking ocean import cargo inspection, ocean import cargo clearance.


International Shipping export agency services

As a member of NVOCC (Non-Vessel Carrier) approved by the Ministry of Communications, our company has established a long-term cooperative agency relationship with many shipping companies. Can provide customers with quality service, price and position guarantee. Peace and Friendship Freight and COSCO (COSCO), CSC (China Shipping) and other Chinese-funded liners, to NYK (Japanese tanker), MSC (Maersk), CMA (CMA), EVG (Evergreen), HANJIN (Hanjin) and other foreign liner Established a long-term agency cooperation relationship, which can provide customers with faster information, more accurate flights, more adequate cabins, and more reasonable prices, so that customers can get a better service experience. And it is equipped with private goods transportation agency service, private goods door-to-door transportation agency service, antique porcelain and other value-added services.

Service products: factory shovel loading, shipping export booking, shipping export cargo assembly, shipping export cargo security inspection, shipping frame box booking, shipping open top box booking shipping export cargo inspection, shipping export cargo declaration.



Operation flow


1. The shipper provides: (1) box type (2) box volume (3) destination port (4) shipping time (5) name of the goods (American line, the name must be reported)

2. After the customer receives the shipping price

To entrust packing, the freight company asks the consignor for the packing method.

(1) Packing at the factory site (shipper provides factory address)

(2) Warehouse packing (the freight company provides the warehouse address to the shipper)

3. The freight company asks the shipper for customs declaration information.


The freight company provides the shipping information to the shipping company and the shipping company to determine the price and book the booking with the shipping company. After receiving the reservation, the shipping company will inform the name of the ship, the schedule and the bill of lading number.

Make a box

1. Make boxes on site

After picking up the container, the freight company will make the container according to the factory address provided by the shipper.

2. The warehouse makes boxes

The freight company informs the warehouse of the ship's name and bill of lading number. The letter of introduction of the lease goes to the container yard of the shipping company to pick up the boxes and make the boxes after the delivery of the goods by the owner.

Customs loading

After the container is collected at the port, the customs declaration; the shipping company will load the container onto the ship.


The shipping company unloaded the container to the dock.

Notice delivery

The shipping company informs the consignee to pick up the goods.

Customs clearance

The consignor cleared customs to the customs.

Change order

The consignor exchanged the bill of lading for the bill of lading.

Pick up

The picker picks up the bill of lading.

Dangerous goods inspection regulations edit

In order to strengthen the inspection, supervision and management of the packaging of dangerous goods exported by sea, guarantee production, personal and transportation safety, and expand exports, China implements an inspection system for the packaging of dangerous goods exported by sea within the scope of the International Maritime Dangerous Goods Transportation Regulations.

1. Competent authority

The local commodity inspection bureaus are responsible for supervising and managing the inspection of shipping dangerous goods packages for export in the region, and handling the performance appraisal and use appraisal of export dangerous goods packages.

2. Production inspection of packaging containers

Factories that produce packaging containers for dangerous goods exported by sea must register with the commodity inspection authorities. The manufacturer must organize the production of dangerous goods packaging in accordance with the requirements of the International Dangerous Regulations, establish an inspection system, be equipped with inspection personnel and inspection equipment, and strengthen quality management and product inspection.

The production plant shall apply to the commodity inspection agency for performance appraisal on the basis of qualified production inspection of the packaging container. The application should provide the product standards, process specifications and factory inspection results of the packaging container. During the period of regular identification by the commodity inspection agency, if the manufacturer needs to change the product standards and processing technology, it should apply to the commodity inspection agency for re-identification in a timely manner. The packaging container produced by the production plant must be cast or marked with the production plant code and batch number approved by the commodity inspection agency. For packaging containers with stable performance and fully meeting the requirements of the International Dangerous Regulations, the manufacturer may apply to the commodity inspection agency for a commodity inspection mark.

3. Use inspection of packaging containers

Dangerous goods production plants that use packaging containers should apply to the commodity inspection agencies batch by batch for use appraisal. The name, nature, type, etc. of dangerous goods for export shall be clearly stated when applying. The manufacturer of dangerous goods shall use the packaging container performance appraisal certificate issued by the commodity inspection agency and use the packaging container in accordance with the requirements of the International Dangerous Regulations. For the packaging containers prepared by foreign merchants, if they are accompanied by a performance appraisal certificate, which proves that they meet the requirements of the International Dangerous Regulations, they can be used accordingly. When plastic containers or internal paint containers are filled with liquid dangerous goods, the manufacturer of dangerous goods must obtain the results of the chemical compatibility test and meet the requirements before they can use them.

4. Packaging identification of dangerous goods

The commodity inspection agency shall apply for the packaging appraisal of dangerous goods for export by sea and issue an appraisal certificate upon application. The appraisal items are: performance appraisal and use appraisal. Commodity inspection agencies handle packaging appraisal, and adopt different methods such as batch-by-batch inspection, periodic inspection and irregular sampling according to different conditions and needs. The commodity inspection agency handles the identification of packaging for dangerous goods exported by sea and charges a reasonable identification fee.

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