Customs clearance

Agent customs declaration/clearance service 

       Huali Shunxin is not only an international transportation agency company, but also a professional customs declaration company with Chinese customs agency declaration registration. Our customs clearance team is aA strong team of quality and loyal employees, they have many years of customs clearance experience. We will help you to deal with various challenges that may be encountered in the customs clearance of import and export goods. 

       Through the paperless customs declaration system of China Customs, we can declare customs data to ports across the country. Each port has our customs declaration service personnel or supplier team to complete our customs inspection and other operations. The strong customs data accumulated over the years supports the smooth customs clearance of your goods. 

       We are familiar with the important loop points of the customs process, whether you want to import goods from China or export goods, we will 100% meet the regulatory requirements. We are your strong customs agent in China. We are your expert on all matters related to customs clearance, and we will help you to achieve legal cost-saving measures during customs clearance. Powerful customs declaration data supports the smooth clearance of your goods.



We can provide you with the following customs clearance services

·General Trade Import and Export Declaration

·Temporary Import and Export Declaration

·Lease trade import and export declaration

·ATA Documents Import and Export Declaration

·Import and Export Declaration of Processing Trade

·Customs Import and Export Declaration

·Express Parcel Import and Export Declaration

·HS code classification consultation

·Consultation on Customs Pre-classification Ruling

·Tax exemption certificate processing

Industries and products where we can clear customs

·General goods: electronics/electromechanical/equipment/clothing/hardware/fabrics/commodity/equipment/furniture/instrument/software/props/luxury goods/raw materials

·Non-standard goods: used aircraft/aviation materials/e-cigarettes/food/wine/chemicals/old electromechanical/used furniture/antiques/classic cars/ Seafood/Fruits/3C Products/Lights/Medical Equipment/Pharmaceuticals/Biological Reagents/Cosmetics

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