Upright piano transportation case

Business Type: Moving Abroad

   Starting port: Beijing

  Port of destination: Vancouver

   Box type: LCL

   Product Name: Upright Piano

service advantage

A professional packaging team picks up the goods and transfers the piano to the packaging base after simple protective packaging. The brushed film is used to protect against moisture and rubbing. The vulnerable corners are wrapped with pearl cotton for shockproof. The outer is wrapped with piano blanket for overall protection. After reinforcement, the wooden boxes will be shipped out. Our packaging base covers all major cities across the country and can meet the packaging needs of most customers.

  Piano is bulky compared to other furniture, with high operation difficulty coefficient and fragile. Our company is equipped with professional piano movers and packing bases in major cities across the country. Even if it is thousands of miles away from the seaside port, our company can give your beloved piano the highest quality of service at the lowest cost;

  Business Overview

  Customer Mr. Cheng, the child is studying in Canada. I want to transport my child's piano at home to Canada. Because the piano is fragile, and the size is large, it cannot be disassembled, and the transportation is difficult. Mr. Cheng has very high requirements on the handling and packaging of the piano. According to the customer's situation, our company has formulated a complete package and transportation plan.



Business Process

   1. Pickup at home

According to the size of the piano provided by the customer, our packaging master has prepared the packaging materials in advance, customized the wooden box base, agreed to arrive at the customer's home to pick up the goods, first the piano will be wrapped around the film for simple packaging processing, and the piano will be transported to the packaging with the wooden box In the warehouse, re-packing and strengthening the secondary packaging in the warehouse.

  Do the primary wrapping and fixed packaging for the customer's piano in the customer's warehouse

  After the goods arrive at the warehouse, wrap the piano blanket for secondary reinforcement

   Final piano box sealing for piano

   Second, booking and shipping

  The packaged goods are 2.2 cubic meters in total. In order to save costs, sea freight consolidation is used for transportation. The logistics consultant assists the customer to sort out the customs declaration information, handle the customs declaration process, and ship it after customs release.

   III. Customs clearance at the port of destination

  After the goods arrive in Vancouver, our overseas agent assists the customer to go through customs clearance procedures. According to the requirements of the Canadian customs, the consignee must go through the procedures in person at the customs. The overseas agent guides the customer throughout the operation.

   4. Delivery

  After customs clearance, the overseas agent arranged delivery of the cart to the consignee's home.

  Operating points and special services

   Piano is a fragile product with high value, large single piece size, and high operation difficulty. According to the needs of our customers, our company has equipped them with professional piano packing and handling masters to check them layer by layer, eliminating customers' concerns about the safety of piano transportation. The customer is very satisfied.

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