Transportation of steel coils in containers

After taking the ticket business, Huali Shunxin International Freight carried out a detailed study on the steel coil cargo list. Since the weight of the single coil of steel coils varies from 6 to 8 tons, a reasonable packing plan has been specified to make full use of the space and weight of the boxes. The transportation cost is reduced to the greatest extent.


Huali Shunxin International Cargo’s bulk customer service supervisor is personally responsible for the operation of this ticket business, and the factory arranges delivery. After the goods arrive at the station, our company arranges the supervision and loading, handles the unloading in a unified way, packing sequence and reinforcement. Due to the large volume of goods, our company arranges 10-15 days in advance to arrange the container to reach the designated packing site, leaving sufficient delivery time for the factory. After each box is packed, photos are arranged and then sealed.

        In order to guarantee the transportation of the customer's goods, our company reasonably recommends that the customer buy transportation insurance for the goods to avoid unnecessary accidental losses.


        In this process, we have a branch of professional team responsible for handling this ticket. The factory only needs to tell us the corresponding documents and delivery time. We provide one-stop service, which also saves the manpower and material resources of the factory. Maximize work efficiency. Our unified quotation and professional port operation also provide the most convenient, professional and unified service for customers to ship at different ports.


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