Import Express Case

   Business Type: International Express

   Starting port: United States

  Port of destination: Shenzhen

   Box type: Import express

   Product Name: Personal Goods

  Business Overview

  The customer is in a hurry to return to the country in the United States. The time is very urgent. The goods are all fragmented daily necessities, and the value of the goods is not high, so the customer hopes to be transported at the lowest cost.



Business Process

   1. Pickup at home

Due to the high labor cost in the United States, in order to save costs, our company recommends that customers handle the packaging problems themselves. The customers sorted out the goods according to our recommendations, packed them in cartons, and listed the goods list. Our company only sent workers to pick up the items. .

   II. Palletizing and shipping

  The total amount of goods is 6 cartons of different sizes. To ensure the safety of the goods, a pallet was put in the airport warehouse and the goods were wrapped and fixed. Arrange the latest flight out after entering the cabin to ensure the time limit.

   3. Customs clearance and dispatch

  After the goods arrive in China, our company assists the customer to go through the customs clearance procedures, handing over the customs clearance materials prepared in advance to the courier company, and dispatching the pieces to the customer after release.

  Operating points and special services

  Because customers have higher requirements for freight, they provide customers with the most favorable transportation solutions, and choose the most cost-effective courier company to ship. At the same time, in order to ensure the safety of goods, they provide customers with care and film wrapping services.

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